Coming Soon: Darkness Calls - A Novel of Murder

Parker Campbell was a big city detective, burned out by working one too many child sex abuse cases.  She needed to get away to heal her heart, so small town was where she headed.  Now the sheriff of Wolfwater, a peaceful lakeside community, she deals mostly with traffic violations, drunken tourists, and the odd domestic dispute - until children begin disappearing.  A brutal murderer is in their midst, shattering Parker Campbell's tranquil existence, and dragging her down into a spiraling vortex of evil and anguish that threatens to destroy her sanity and her life.  Violent and unrelenting, this killer has a deep connection with Parker and she must face her past, long hidden and filled with madness, to save herself, and the children of Wolfwater.  She will endure pain, horror, and fear - when darkness calls.

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